Cordwood Masonry with Rob Roy

5-day hands with Rob and Jaki Roy

Cordwood Masonry with Rob Roy

We are very excited to announce that Crazy Rooster Farm is hosting a timber-frame and cordwood masonry workshop with the guru’s of cordwood, Rob and Jaki Roy. For those of you who don’t know about cordwood, take a look at this article from the NY Times.

The workshop is in two parts, the first part is timber framing. Rob wrote a great book called Timber Framing for the Rest of Us, where he lays out techniques for building with large timbers using simple hardware instead of the difficult joinery that most of us hacks find way too difficult. The second part will cover cordwood masonry. You’ll learn how to take cheap and easy-to-find materials and turn them into strong, beautiful and efficient structures. It’s cool stuff. Really! Cordwood is fun to build and doesn’t require a lot of carpentry skill or physical strength. (That’s why it’s the perfect alternative building method for those uf us who’d spent too much time atrophying in our desks.)

You can get more info and register to reserve your spot go to:

Timber-framing: June 25-26, 2013  $280  (couples rate: $480)
Cordwood: June 27-29, 2013  $420    (couples rate: $480)
Take both parts and it’s only $640 ($1040 for a couple)  (Unlike the government we don’t discriminate against same-sex couples)

On-farm camping with meals
Workshop students are welcome to bring a tent and set up camp on the farm or stay in one of our three shelter offerings. They consist of a room in the main house, a 10×12 little cabin/playhouse or our canvas teepee. We have an outhouse with a composing toilet, an outdoor (not heated) shower and a regular bathroom (with a heated shower!) in the house for guests to use.

We’re offering a package plan that consists of breakfast, dinner and camping for $40 per day. We’ll make farm-fresh meals with local, mostly organic ingredients.

If you want the room, teepee or cabin it will be an additional $75 for the five days of the full workshop.  (first come first serve) 

The nearest motel is  Sunrise Inn, 860 East Main Street , Mondovi, WI 54755,,(715) 926-5926


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