Place your meat orders

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Place your meat orders

The lambs are all born and the replacement cattle are on their way. That means the meat-growing season is in full swing and it’s time to place your orders and secure your lamb, quarter of beef and chicken. We’ll have some of each but not a lot of any so don’t put it off too long.

Lamb prices are staying the same as last year: $210 per lamb plus processing (final cost should be  $300 plus custom processing extras)  $100 deposit.

Grass-fed Highland Beef prices are $600 per quarter with a $200 deposit

We’re selling Pastured Chickens again at $4.99 lb with a 6 bird minimum. ($10 per bird deposit) But here’s the catch: You have to come out to the farm to buy them. Since we’re processing the birds on the farm, Wisconsin laws says you can only buy them from the farm. Since we believe that on-farm processing is the most humane and sanitary way to handle our carefully tended chickens, this is the only way we can sell them.

We’re planning two harvest weekends and we’ll freeze birds if you have to arrange a different day for pickup. We’ll let you know well in advance when you can come out to the farm and pick up your chicken. The deposit is $10 per bird.

Delivery: We can’t deliver chickens but since our lamb and beef are processed in a USDA facility we can bring those to you. Delivery is $25 if you’re located in the metro area.

Mutton: This year we may have some mutton and brats for sale. If you are interested let us knpw.


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