Order Chickens Now!


Order Chickens Now!

They’re back! This year, thanks to Tommy, we’re back to selling Freedom Ranger gourmet french chickens that are raised with care on fresh green pasture and organic sprouted grain.

We aren’t going to grow very many so you better put in your order fast.

You can reserve your birds with a $10 per bird deposit. The final cost will be $5.99 a pound and they should be ready some time in mid September. (6 bird minimum)

Since we’re harvesting and processing the chickens right on the farm, you’ll have to come out to the farm to pick them up. (It’s the law in Wisconsin) So plan on taking a beautiful drive out. We’ll let you know later when harvest day is going to be so you can come on out and pick up your birds fresh. If you can’t make it on that day we’ll freeze them for you and you can come out another time.

When you come out for harvest day plan to make it a fun family adventure. We’ll have farm tours, food and activities to make the trip even more worth your while.

If you want to help with the harvest let us know. Many hands make for crazy-fun work.

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