Permaculture Guru to Teach At Crazy Rooster Farm

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Learn Permaculture. Save the world

Turn off the radio. Turn those depressing newspapers into sheet mulch and grow a new and better life for you, your family and the whole silly world.

Crazy Rooster Farm is offering a full Permaculture Certification course from June 19th to June 26th.

In this hands-on course, you’ll learn about sustainable food production, renewable energy, water harvesting, natural building, earthworks, animal husbandry and much more, all geared to give you the skills to practice Permaculture on any scale, from a city lot, to suburban yard to country homestead.

This course is rewarding and challenging for anyone from beginners to those with years of experience in sustainability, horticulture or environmental stewardship. Take it to deepen your understanding and appreciation for the environment and sustainability; forge a path to a career in sustainable food production; or to prepare for a post-carbon world.

PDC Course Highlights:

  • Comprehensive, holistic training presented by Wayne Weiseman, director of The Permaculture Project and certified by movement founder Bill Mollison
  • Permaculture principles related to sustainable living systems, food production, home design, eco-construction, energy conservation and generation, forest gardening, etc….
  • Dig in with a hands-on, design-build project on-site related to rain-water harvesting, irrigation, aquaculture and pond ecosystems
  • Animal husbandry, including pastured poultry systems and intensive rotational grazing
  • Edible forest gardening including mushroom cultivation and medicinal herbs
  • Pre-course independent study and a live Webinar

The PDC Course is an internationally recognized 72-hour course of study with graduates earning their Permaculture Design Certificate at the course’s conclusion.

To register:


Call Jeff at 612-382-1306


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  1. Hello fellow blogger! I’m rather new to blogs but I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your blog here about Permaculture By Bill Mollison; It kept me engrossed all the way to the end! Keep up the fine work… I’m always hoping to learn more about Permaculture Farming.

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