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I read a post on the APPPA site recently called “Filthy Grocery Store Birds,” and it got me thinking about the years before we started raising and harvesting our own chickens. (APPPA stands for American Pastured Poultry Producers Association, and here at Crazy Rooster, we’re members.)

As the Texas rancher posted on the APPPA site recently,
“I was pleasantly surprised to find that after spending a day (24 hours give or take) ‘resting’ in a bag – completely cleaned – but before freezing, that our birds have NO discernible smell. I guess I was thinking (foolishly) that the “odor” that supermarket birds have ‘fresh’ out of the bag is slightly unpleasant, gradually increasing to very unpleasant and ‘definitely spoiled’ if you don’t use or freeze them in a couple of days.”

Man, do I agree. I got burned more than once when I foolishly read the label on the package of boneless, skinless — and some would say, tasteless — chicken breasts from a mainstream grocer that said, “Use or freeze within 48 hours.”

What a joke. In fact, you don’t have 48 hours with a grocery-store bird.

You barely have a day before the meat gets that funky odor.

I can tell you that I can thaw out a Crazy Rooster chicken in the fridge, forget about it for a day or two beyond when it was ready to be cooked, take it out of the bag, give it a big ol’ sniff, and smell…..nothing.

The Texas rancher concludes, “I guess not dunking our birds in a fecal soup deprives them of that “supermarket bird aroma”?

Keeping a dozen or two chickens in the freezer and remembering to thaw and cook them may take a little planning, but, boy, is it worth it to avoid supermarket chickens and experience a rich, delicious flavor!

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