Students present Permaculture plan, graduate

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The morning was filled with excitement as the students bustled around putting the finishing touches on the Crazy Rooster Permaculture plan. The students’ professional backgrounds surfaced as they presented a thorough, well-written and highly professional design plan, complete with a typed narrative and professional architectural drawing.

Jeff and I were amazed the way a group of strangers one week ago could coalesce so well to present such a comprehensive plan. Hats off to each one of our great students! They studied Permaculture concepts for one week, absorbed mountains of new information, then prepared a plan that included strong thinking about weather, prevailing winds, roof water run-off calculations, cataloging existing species, all while responding to our goals and objectives.

The ideas and design suggestions presented by the students jump-started our enthusiasm for implementing even more Permaculture principles at Crazy Rooster.

Wayne presented each student with a Permaculture Design Certificate, which allows each graduate to use the description in their careers.

The 8-day course wrapped up shortly after lunch with the signing of the A-frame and farewells to new friends.

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