Cordwood writer's cabin

June 20-23rd    REGISTER 

Can you think of a better way to awaken your muse, retune your habits and recharge your creative batteries than to spend a week on a bucolic Amish Farmette with a few kindred spirits, a herd of grass-fed cattle and acres of blooming medicinal herbs?

Our Creativity Clinic is unlike other writing workshops.
Here you won’t be sharing your writing with other writers and coddling each others’ egos. Nor will it be another excuse for self-indulgent navel gazing. This workshop is focused on learning and practicing skills and techniques to increase the quality and quantity of your creative output.

The week will consist of a combination of group activities, field trips and free time to do your own independent work. Expect to work with your hands and spend time outside in nature.

You’ll be enriching your body with healthy organic food and enjoyable physical activity and stimulating your mind and spirit with new challenges and interesting companions. Take a break from your distractions and rediscover deep work and contemplation.

“When the course is complete you will write better, feel better, think better and have some new friends.”

The curriculum is derived from an eclectic mix of concepts, philosophies, tools and techniques from Permaculture design, advertising, architecture, software development, behavior economics, biodynamic agriculture and manual trades.

Where to stay:
You can camp on the farm. It’s beautiful, and since we’re making food in the house, you won’t need to bring all that extra gear. There are lots of beautiful places to camp and you can still use the indoor plumbing or the outdoor composting toilet.

We also have a couple of guest rooms you can rent for the weekend for an extra fee. It’s first come, first serve on these two rooms.

Our neighbor’s have a really cool place a few miles down the road. Farm To Fork   If they have space it’s a fun place to stay.

If you want a small town experience the Sunrise Inn might fit the bill.Wayne teachingRelaxing in the field