Jeff Rabkin

Jeff Rabkin of Crazy Rooster FarmA Farmer Who’s Out Standing in His Field

Jeff grew up on a farm. Actually, he lived on South Farmcrest Drive, in a suburb that was a farm back in 1942.  Other than a petting zoo and the State Fair, that’s about as close to farming as Jeff ever got before taking over the 60-acre Amish farmette in 2003.

Jeff majored in Humanities at the University of Minnesota and remembers taking a course called Plants Useful To Man, a popular class among liberal-arts students needing to fulfill their science credits. Little did he know then that 30 years later he’d be certified in  Permaculture.

When he’s not fixing the mower or moving steers, Jeff is the Director of Great Ideas at Wowza, his marketing and data communications agency in Minneapolis.  Jeff is a pst member of the Board of Trustees for the City of Lakes Wardorf School and currently serves on the  Board of Directors for Illusion Theater and Mindful Generations – a international Permaculture nonprofit– both based in the Twin Cities.