Farm Internship: Energetic and amiable person to spend the summer on a beautiful organic farm in W. Wisconsin.

Mid April/ Early May —- Late September/Early Oct.       Apply before April 15, 2019

Want to learn more about sustainable agriculture, permaculture and raising grass-fed meat?  If you don’t have any experience working on a farm, that’s fine. If you don’t like manure on your shoes, sore muscles and bugs in your face, that’s a problem.


Nobody’s perfect, but if you were you’d: Work well independently and with others; have a knack for seeing what needs doin’ and then doing it; be pleasant to have around and not annoying; be self-motivated with a genuine interest in ecological food production, natural building, organic gardening, livestock and permaculture; be strong and competent, motivated and ambitious. You would have a friendly personality, cooperative spirit and a good sense of humor. You’d have respect for people, property and animals, refrain from drugs and not be a drunk. 

Stuff you might be doing:

You’ll help out with feeding and moving livestock, planting and puttering in the kitchen garden, establishing and maintaining perennial gardens, orchards and forest gardens. This includes planting, weeding, watering, harvesting, and singing folk songs; but only if you are so inclined. You’ll also be cooking, cleaning and fixing broken stuff. You may also spend time harvesting and eating good nutritious food, making new friends and learning a lot.

You won’t be expected to work full time, so you’ll have time to work on a project of your own, such as growing a crop, conducting a research project or working on personal creative projects.  

Room, board and compensation:

Sometimes everyone cooks and eats together with food provided by the farm. Other times you’ll be on your own, cooking what you want with food provided by the farm. You will also be provided a private furnished room on the farm.

If this sounds interesting to you please contact us

Don’t bother if you wouldn’t pass a background check.